Our Approach


Our strength is our commitment. Commitment to our clients; our projects; and to our team. We pride ourselves on delivering professional design and construction services to clients who value quality.

We believe no project is too big or too small; too custom or too standard; too hard or too easy. From purchasing decommissioned timber bridges for re-use in residential projects to world’s best-practice manufacturing warehouses, we do it all with commitment, integrity and passion.

We are responsive to projects, budgets and clients and we believe the best way to deliver a quality project is through a quality process. We engage only the best consultants and work as a team to find innovative solutions to project requirements.

We are highly skilled at combining the process-driven demands of large-scale commercial buildings with the individualised attention to detail required of residential and heritage projects to deliver an end product that both we and the client take pride in.


‘…[the project] has been managed and built by RAC within the timeframe and budget, but more importantly with insight into the design requirements and brief that have ensured accurate interpretation of the documentation and client sensitivities resulting in a no compromise outcome true to the architectural intent and the client’s expectations.’

-       Geoff Cook, Director at Geoff Cook Architecture